TreeHugger Picks: Readers Ask, We Answer


Being a diligent TreeHugger isn't always easy, and can be confusing sometimes, so we're always glad to get thoughtful questions about how to do things greener. We've filed all of these questions away in the Q&A; category, and here are a few of our Q&A; picks with info on being greener to get you started. Remember, if you have an environmental health question, you can now Ask TreeHugger to answer your query.

1) Jeremy had a question about switching to CFLs from incandescent bulbs.
2) Samantha, Wade and Sara all wanted to know how to green their printing, so it quickly turned into a "mega Q&A.;"
3) Rob wanted to know if we could help him find a green job.
4) Elias was curious about whether paper or plastic bags were the greener choice.
5) Lastly, an anonymous reader asked if silk was a green material.

There's lots more DIY green info in TreeHugger's How To Go Green series, too!

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