TreeHugger Picks: Product Service Systems (Part II)


We like the idea of the Products Service System (PSS) so much that there's an entire category for products available as services. We've covered the concept before on TreeHugger Picks, but there are so many good ones, we couldn't resist going for round two. Here are more ways to own less, save more and still get everything you need.

1) Cohousing hearkens back to the co-op and kibbutz, but it's really collaborative living at its most modern.
2) Peerflix takes the Netflix model and updates it to better fit TreeHugger ideals.
3) Green-Works takes unwanted furniture and helps it find a new home.
4) Kunstfabrik Art helps your office project a strong cultural presence without buying up a gallery's-worth of art.
5) Go Play Outside offers full hire service for all your outdoor sports gear, without the buyer's remorse.

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