TreeHugger Picks: PreFab Trailers


TreeHugger has a whole category swelling with our favorite prefab architecture; there's way too much to squeeze into just one post, so we'll start with our favorite prefab trailers. Just because it's mobile doesn't mean it can't be well-designed, modern, functional and fabulous.

1) Carol Troy's Cheap Chic double-wide trailer makes a fabulous escape from it all in the Napa Valley. Last we heard, there was talk of developing a nationally-marketed version...
2) miniHome may just be the best example of why TreeHugger digs modern prefab so much.
3) CorePod structures can be stacked together like building blocks as families grow and needs change, so when it's time to move, just unplug it and take it with you.
4) M-house is a great example of living in a sleek, efficient, green house that happens to be a trailer.
5) Katrina Cottage exists as an example that "design makes a difference," especially for those who need it most.