TreeHugger Picks: Pellet Stoves


Pellet stoves are extremely efficient, produce little waste and use inexpensive fuel, so they've become increasingly popular in the face of rising natural gas and heating oil prices. As the temperatures dip and you put on a sweater, take a look at some pellet posts from our past.

1) Wood pellet stoves use compressed, recycled sawdust to heat your home.
2) Rika's pellet stoves are designed with function and aesthetics in mind.
3) Bixby Energy Systems devised a pellet made from various types of custom biomass (grape waste, olive pits, almond shells, cotton-gin trash, etc.) and a stove that can burn them all.
4) Corn-burning stoves are similar to the pellet stoves, but burn corn kernels instead.
5) Sound good? Learn where to get pellets during peak demand this winter.

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Update: Check out our guide to Buy Green: Pellet Stoves over on our sister site, Planet Green. You know they're a great green way to heat -- learn where to get one and take action today!