TreeHugger Picks: Outdoor & Patio Furniture

Summer has nearly arrived, and with the accompanying increase in sunshine and warmer temperatures comes the opportunity to spend more time outside. Whether gardening or barbequing is your warm weather cup of tea, you'll need somewhere to take a load off and relax. If the recently covered Ting Sling or Maku Furnishings don't do it for you, here are some of our picks for outdoor and patio furniture.


1) Modern Outdoor's Etra Collection is made from sustainably-certified Ipe, which is their wood of choice because it resists surface scratching, rot, mold and insect infestation without toxic protective chemicals better than cedars or redwoods.


2) Henry Hall Designs' Pure collection classic good looks will keep your backyard looking fine, while knowing that their furniture is made from eco-sensible plantation-grown teak will give you peace of mind, for the long days of BBQing ahead.


3) The Grass Armchair is the ultimate DIY: just take the cardboard skeleton, add dirt, seed & water, and this truly "green" chair starts to grow after just 10 days. If the chair isn't enough good greenness for you, check out the couch. Don't forget to mow!

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4) Arbor Vetum creates their large, varied collection from the teak they get by "salvaging from early 20th Century structures because the timbers available from that period were some of the best the world has ever seen."

5) Creative Woodworking International uses plantation-grown Eucalyptus wood, a more affordable alternative to teak, to create their modular, functional furniture: the chair backs can be used as connecting tables; the love seat turns into a lounger; the arm chair converts to a side table.

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