TreeHugger Picks: Our Year in the Media


2006 has been a good year for TreeHugger; from the launch of Hugg, TreeHugger TV and TreeHugger Radio and even TreeHugger 2.0, we've been hard at work devising new ways to bring you the green, and we've had some help from some friends in the media. Here are some of the places that TreeHugger branched out to in 2006.

1) TreeHugger's fearless leader Graham Hill lent his smoldering good looks to Vanity Fair's "Green Issue" in the Spring.
2) TreeHugger TV's Simran Sethi showed The Martha Stewart Show all about eco-chic ideas, materials and products.
3) Kara DiCamillo made TreeHugger's voice heard on NPR's Living on Earth with a segment about our Green Gift Guide.
4) Simran made another appearance on afternoon TV, this time on Oprah Winfrey's show, with some ideas for green decorating and Christmas tree-buying that even caught Rush Limbaugh's attention.
5) Time Magazine picked up some of green gifting ideas and pointed their readers in our direction for more on making gifts green this year.

It's been a great year; a huge thank-you to all our readers for helping us make it possible! Stay tuned for more in 2007!