TreeHugger Picks: Not Just Four Walls & a Door


TreeHugger loves green building, prefab architecture and other resource and energy-efficient buildings and dwellings. While most of it is designed to have four walls, a couple windows and doors, there are definitely alternatives to these more traditional construction techniques. Here are some of our picks for structures that eschew tradition and find function and comfort without the restraints of square corners.

1) Yurts are efficient, elegant and comfortable, to the surprise of TreeHugger's resident architect.
2) These prefab domes are lightweight, fire proof, earthquake and typhoon-resistant, and, using the modular building system, can be constructed in less than a day.
3) Michael Jantzen's Transformation House is an interactive, responsive, self-contained structure that can change its shape to accommodate different functions.
4) Inspired by the Dymaxion vision of TreeHugger hero Bucky Fuller, Pod shelters are easy to put together and take apart, contain only a few simple parts, and almost anyone -- including those not so good at math -- can put them together.
5) The Hexayurt is an emergency structure which is cheap, self-contained and easily packed for transportation; a Hexayurt village is intended to replace all the infrastructure which might be damaged after a major disaster such as an earthquake or flood.

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