TreeHugger Picks: Make Earth Day Every Day


For anyone who's been living under a rock, here's a friendly reminder: tomorrow is Earth Day! While we don't think you need a specific reason (or day, for that matter) to get out and hug some trees, it's always fun to gather your pals and go do some good. There are tons of events happening around the globe; here's some advice on what to do before, after, and all year round to make Earth Day more like every day.

1) Eat local food. It's better for everyone.
2) If you must drive, keep your tires properly inflated; it saves money, wear & tear, gas and pollution.
3) Use fluorescent bulbs instead of incandescents...we've said it before and we'll say it again.
4) Better yet, take an energy vacation and unplug yourself for awhile.
5) Feeling ambitious? Go out and get a green job so you can do something meaningful for yourself and for the planet.
6) Bonus tip: Take ten steps to reduce your global warming impact.

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