TreeHugger Picks: Listen Up!


Rockabilly, folk, soul, rhythm & blues: TreeHugger likes to get down to all sorts of tunes, from trip hop to rock to smooth jazz and everything in between. Here are our favorite ways to listen:

1) Bamboo earphones by Japanese company Amadana aim to create "a tool to go back to the life of who you are, a device to carry around who you are."
2) Muji's desktop speakers keep the tunes coming while we're busy TreeHuggering the day away.
3) For the serious green audiophile, Escalante's non-toxic speakers introduce beautiful sounds instead of toxic chemicals to your listening environment.
4) Gourd speakers. Yep.
5) And when we're all done listening, but before we pitch that scratched-up, worn-down version of Led Zeppelin II, we're sure to take our own advice on recycling CDs and other electronic media.

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