TreeHugger Picks: iPod Accessories


Apple's iPods are everywhere; it seems that everybody's got one, in various sizes, shapes, storage capacities and playback times; some play movies, some clip to your shirt, they all can be recycled and Lloyd made a case for the nano as the green product of the year in 2005. Whatever your iPod persuasion, here are some green(er) ways to keep 'em charged up, scratch-free and looking good, at least until the next model comes out.

1) Keep your 'pod full of juice with this DIY hand crank, this DIY bike crank or any number of solar chargers.
2) The iZAP is a lithium-ion battery pack that can add 28 hours of playback when you're tired of cranking and the sun's gone down.
3) A host of cases, including the recycled rubber TREAD, wooden custom job, super-renewable jute cozy and even a case made from recycled 45 rpm records, are a helpful way to keep your iPod scratch-free; some will help keep your nano from snapping like a graham cracker when you sit on it.
4) We haven't forgotten the Shuffle owners; these cases are made from bamboo.
5) The Pause Bed combines an iPod dock and speakers with a place to lay your head; if you like tunes before you go to sleep (or as you're waking up), it might be for you.

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