TreeHugger Picks: If You Start Me Up, I'll Never Stop


TreeHugger is all about getting it done without the benefits of conventional power. All of these gadgets can help cut your local electric utility or disposable battery supplier out of your life while your gadgets retain their glorious functionality.

1) Talk it out without running up the power bill with the wind-up phone charger.
2) Channel-surf to you heart's delight with the crank-powered remote.
3) Power up your iPod with these nifty DIY projects: the hand crank and big brother bicycle charger.
4) Don't get left in the dark with this hardcore, LED light or this one, that calls itself the Illuminator. 'Nuff said.
5) If the power company pulls the plug, stay up-to-date with the Eton hand-cranked radio.
6) To get more bang for your crank-powered buck, check out the combo flashlight/phone charger and the flashlight/phone charger/radio.