TreeHugger Picks: If You Build It, They Will Come


TreeHugger likes to stay on top of the concept car market; there are just so many good ideas: 330 mpg diesel hybrids and fuel cell vehicles have us licking our chops for the next generation of personal transportation vehicles. Sadly, as prototypes, many never see the light of a showroom floor. Here are some of our favorite prototypes that could make a big difference in the way we get around, if they would only get produced.

1) Honda's FCX fuel cell car might be the closest, reportedly going in to production in Japan in three to four years.
2) The XR3 diesel-electric prototype takes a page from Natural Capitalism's Hypercar, and would get 125 mpg.
3) Aptera, a three-wheeled, two-seat diesel-electric hybrid gets 330 mpg, and is projected to cost less than $20,000.
4) Ford's Reflex adds solar panels to the roof to boost the diesel-electric drivetrain.
5) The Volkswagen GX3, which is technically classified a motorcycle, can get 46 mpg in the city, and can do 0-60 mph in 5.7 seconds.

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