TreeHugger Picks: Ideas and Concepts That Just Make Sense


There are some ideas out there that just make sense. Once their time has come (and sometimes before), we take a look at some of the best ideas that have taken until now to come about. Here are our picks for ideas that should have been around long ago, and the projects that took too long to bear fruit.

1) Solar air conditioners; such a good idea that we posted about it again.
2) Restaurants that fry things and use their waste oil for fuel, like this British chippie, Burgerville and even McDonalds.
3) Wind power becoming more affordable than dirty power from the grid. The wind will be blowing long after all the oil and coal is gone...
4) Being a TreeHugger can not only save you money, it can make you some, as GE recently found out.
5) The EPA's headquarters are green. It took more than 30 years, but better late than never.

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