TreeHugger Picks: Hip Feet on the Street


We TreeHuggers spend most days tied to our keyboards and laptops, so when we get a chance to head outside, we don't want to wear just anything to put our feet on the street. Here are some shoes to help us all release our inner hipster.

1) Hemp Converse All-Stars -- a straight-up classic with a new TreeHugger twist.
2) Terra Plana makes efficient use of natural materials, while minimizing toxins and glues.
3) Loomstate Vans blend Loomstate's love for 100% organic cotton with the classic Vans styling.
4) The Veja Trainer is made from Brazilian organic cotton and Amazonian natural rubber, though it has a decidedly European vibe.
5) Worn Again's style comes from used coffee bags, second-hand t-shirts, military jackets and scrap car-seat leather, and they make it all work.

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