TreeHugger Picks: Have a Green Weekend


For many TreeHuggers, weekends offer a break from work and a good chance to catch up on some fun stuff; read a book, go out for dinner, or just sleep in a little bit. For others, it's time to do some chores and prepare for next week. Either way, here are some picks for having a green weekend. [Update: TreeHugger Lloyd reminds us to remember to "spring forward" for Daylight Savings Time on Saturday night and check/change your smoke detector batteries!]

1) Tackle that home improvement project (like, say upgrading your insulation) that you've been meaning to get to.
2) Plan your next eco-retreat or vacation.
3) Do a load or two of "green" laundry.
4) Enjoy the satisfaction that comes with making your own soap and other do-it-yourself projects.
5) Finally, kick back with a green beer or something with a little more kick -- you've earned it!

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