TreeHugger Picks: Grow Your Own Food


As TreeHuggers, carefully choosing the foods we eat is one of the easiest ways to live green and stay modern. There are lots of ways to do this, from sustainable to organic to vegetarian, but one of our favorites is to eat local foods (and judging by this survey, you readers agree), and it doesn't get more local than growing your own. It's gaining popularity as an alternative to the crapshoot that can occur when buying conventional food; here are our favorite ways to eat as local as it gets.

1) Hydroponic gardening is a great alternative for those short on space and sunlight
2) Mushrooms will grow just about anywhere, including your desk at work.
3) The Hortuba table allows you to grow fresh veggies with just one square meter of space.
4) Aeroponic gardening is the waterless cousin of hydroponic; just drop the pod in place and wait a couple weeks for your own indoor garden to grow.
5) Local Harvest is a great resource if your green thumb can't get anything to grow.

Ready to really go for it? Learn how to Build a Geodesic Dome Solar Greenhouse to Grow Your Own Food -- it's easier than you'd think!

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