TreeHugger Picks: Green Your Valentine's Day


Like it or not, Valentine's Day is here, and while some TreeHugger's prefer to avoid the commercialization and media hype, we know there's a few of you out there who like to have a special day to express your love to that special someone. For the romantics, here are a few ways to green your Valentine's Day.

1) If you can't have Valentine's without chocolate, check out Global Exchange's Fair Trade Valentine's Day Activist Kit.
2) If flowers are what brings a smile to your sweetie's face, be sure they're organic and carbon neutral.
3) If food is the way to your lover's heart, have a nice organic meal at an organic or local food-serving restaurant.
4) If your plans call for gettin' busy, don't forget to green your sex life and learn more about buying green lube and sex toys before slipping between the sheets.
5) If the day calls for something different, hit up TreeHugger's Valentine Gift Guide to get more hot tips on greening your romance.