TreeHugger Picks: Green Roofs Go Big-Time


It's been interesting to watch the progression of green roofs as they've gone from the realm of hobbits to more prominent locations atop businesses and corporations. We're happy to say it: yep, green roofs have gone big-time.

1) Ford's Rouge Center, designed by sustainable guru and green architect extraordinaire Bill McDonough, is home to the world's largest living roof.
2) Chicago's first Wal-Mart will sprout a green roof...
3) ...though, not to be outdone, Apple's Chicago store already has one.
4) The City of Toronto adopted a policy to install green roofs on new and existing buildings owned by the City, whenever practical.
5) New York's largest green roof sits atop Silvercup Studios, where parts of "The Sopranos" is filmed.
6) Looks pretty good, eh? Why not try it yourself?

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