TreeHugger Picks: Green Home Improvement


It's Friday, and we can see the light at the end of this week's tunnel; with the weekend nigh, it's nearly time to take a break from work and focus on other things. For many of us, that may be a few fixer-upper projects around the home. Here are some of our picks for green home improvement this weekend.

1) The Healthiest Home is a great resource & retail outlet for green home projects north of the border.
2) The Green Home Guide is a community-based resource for advice, inspiration, and information to make it easy to keep your project green.
3) Green Home Environmental Store has ideas, products and resources to help make your home greener from the attic to the basement.
4) Home Depot has begun to tap the green market, making it easier to get green goods right down the street.
5) "No Waste Like Home" from the BBC illustrates how to complete a green home makeover and is a good excuse to take a break.

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