TreeHugger Picks: Going Out In Green Style


Proving that there isn't anything you can't do a little greener, green burials seem to be all the rage; from caskets to "leave-no-trace"-type burial techniques, check out some of the ways to go out in green style.

1) The Uono Cocoon and Ecopod are just a couple of the biodegradable coffin options out there.
2) Sweden's Promessa offers to essentially freeze-dry the body, eventually turning it to powder (at 1/3 its original weight) for storage or burial in a small urn.
3) The folks at the Green Burial Council want to make green burials the standard, doing away with embalming, vaults, conventional markers, and metal caskets. Our pals at Slate are on board.
4) Groups like the Trust for Natural Legacies Inc. and Greensprings Natural Cemetery are working on green goodbyes that help preserve the natural beauty of our world. Green Endings will even organize an eco-funeral in your own backyard.
5) After digging up lots of info on green burials, the BBC's Ethical Man has committed to composting his corpse.

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