TreeHugger Picks: Friday the 13th


We TreeHuggers aren't usually a doomsday-predicting, naysaying crowd, but we've been frightened into a posting about the end of the world (maybe) more than once. In honor of Friday the 13th, here are our scary picks.

1) The scariest thing about CO2: We Call It Life is that some people might actually believe them.
2) The North Pacific Gyre has been dredging up tons of junk and is depositing it on beaches, and could be the theme for the next great horror movie.
3) Climate Mash is a true horror flick, complete with the zombies, vampires and super-polluters of global warming.
4) Nagano Prefecture proved that The Day After Tomorrow is more real than we originally thought.
5) The Onion turned us on to the Global Rotation Crisis. Did you know the earth is spinning uncontrollably through space? Run for your lives!!