TreeHugger Picks: For the Domestic Composter


Now that spring has sprung and April is right around the corner, the time to start a garden is now! And what is great for gardens? Compost! If you've been meaning to get out and pick up something to help you turn organic waste into nutrient-rich soil additive, here are some we've featured for both indoors and out.

1) Compostadores are the first and only company, so far, that specialises in domestic composting in Europe.
2) BluePlanetSMART's globe-shaped composter is faster, more functional and better looking than many we've seen out there.
3) Happy Farmer Kitchen Composter is made from 70% recycled plastic and, according to a TH reader, doesn't smell at all!
4) NatureMill's onboard computer controls the mixing and air flow, brewing up delicious compost about every two weeks without funky compost odors or having to hand-turn the mixture.
5) Sharp's 24-hour kitchen composter reduces your kitchen waste by up to 92% in just 24 hours by breaking down and "digesting" organic food waste at room temp using a proprietary blend of microbes and yeast cells.