TreeHugger Picks: Flooring


There are a dizzying amount of decisions to make when working on a remodel or renovation of your home. Though it's underfoot, flooring is a major consideration, affecting your home's aesthetic and air quality. If you're pondering a renovation or new floor, here are some of our picks for what to put down.

1) Bamboo is always among TreeHugger's top choices, but, beware: it isn't always TreeHugger green.
2) Reclaimed wood, like the goods from Trestewood or Pioneer Millworks, lends a timeless, well-loved quality to floors.
3) Both Mioculture's and Habitus' tiles add cork's sustainable, soft, sound-proofing qualities to your floor.
4) Linoleum, originally developed in the late 1800's, is a great long-lasting, sustainable alternative to vinyl floors.
5) Mud floors are attractive, comfortable to walk on, heat-absorbing, and earth-friendly. Really.

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