TreeHugger Picks: Eco-Laundry


Ahh...Friday. The weekend is nigh, which, for some of us means time away from work to attend to life's simpler pleasures. One of these, without a doubt, is laundry. We all can't swing by the world's largest laundromat that uses solar electricity (in Chicago) or have self-cleaning clothes, so here are our picks for doing laundry the TreeHugger way.

1) If you have Samsung's SilverCare, the machine that generates silver ions to disinfect washwater and clothes to keep your clothes clean longer or Sanyo's Aqua that cleans your clothes without water, you're off to a good start. If you're in the market for a new machine, let TreeHugger help you do your homework.
2) Soap Nuts and Cot'n Wash are good alternatives to traditional detergents.
3) The Airwash just might be the future of laundry, using negative ions and compressed air to get the dirt out.
4) The WonderWash is a hand-operated, electricity-free alternative to getting clothes clean.
5) Once you're dirty laundry is clean, be sure to follow our how-to list for drying, wearing and future washing.

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