TreeHugger Picks: Eco-Celebs at the Oscars


We've already brought news of the solar chargers, eco-swagg and green gowns involved with this weekend's Academy Awards festivities, but what about the event itself? Here are six reasons to watch the Oscars:

1) To see if George Clooney pulls up in his Tango or mentions how his big hit Syriana was a climate-neutral production.
2) To see if anyone talks to Jake Gyllenhaal about anything except his efforts to fight climate change.
3) To see if Leo DiCaprio tries to pimp his new Caribbean eco-resort or mentions his documentary about the global environment.
4) To see if Orlando Bloom can forget about being a pirate for a minute and remember that he's a Climate Star, and that global warming isn't cool, but stopping it is.
5) To see if Matt Damon has sold anyone else on owning a hybrid car.
6) To see if Cameron Diaz shows up on the arm of William McDonough...we hear they're quite the dynamic duo.

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