TreeHugger Picks: Driving Tips


Driving cars and burning gasoline can be a pretty contentious subject. Doing it is not good for the environment, but that doesn't stop the majority of us, and though there are some nice alternatives (like hybrids and biodiesel), there is no silver bullet; nothing is going to stop most of the world's drivers from putting the petal to the metal. With gas prices hitting record highs and no relief in sight, we could all stand to use less, so for anyone who doesn't own a hybrid, or burn biodiesel, here are some ways to clean up your driving.

1) Drive the speed limit. Seriously. Unfeel the need for speed.. It's the single most effective thing a TreeHugger can do behind the wheel.
2) Inflate your tires to the proper pressure; it reduces rolling resistance and helps your car operate more efficiently. Even better, inflate your tires with nitrogen, and they'll go further without needing to be topped off.
3) Idle engines are the devil's plaything. Unnecessary idling is just a bad thing all the way around.
4) Use a handy car-share service, if you can live without your wheels. If not, share your car and find/start a carpool with eRideShare or NuRide.
5) Finally, ditch your car and ride your bike! More bikes than cars were sold in the US last year. Let's keep it that way.

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