TreeHugger Picks: Do-Gooding Drinks


TreeHuggers are a thirsty crowd, as evidenced by our numerous posts about breweries and wineries and all the booze they crank out. The best of them not only produce thirst-quenching beers, sippable wines and the like, but also do good and give our planet a helping hand.

1) New Belgium Brewery is doing so much with alternative energy and waste management that they've been featured on these pages twice.
2) Even beer-brewing giant Coors is in the game, converting their brewing waste into fuel grade ethanol for distribution on the Colorado Front Range.
3) Canadian winery Stratus boasts the industries first LEED-certified building, complete with geothermal heating and cooling, recycled materials and composting of vegetal waste.
4) California vintners have gone solar after realizing the sun can do more than grow grapes, and it looks like everyone wants a piece of the sun-powered pie.
5) Finally, do something good for yourself and take the guesswork out of selecting good organic wines. They aren't all blue-ribbon beauties, so leave it to the pros and don't get fooled again.

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