TreeHugger Picks: DIY Weekend


TreeHugger loves us some DIY, and with the weekend nearly upon us, do-it-yourself projects are piling up at TH HQ, so we're passing along some of our favorite projects that you can do this weekend.

1) Convert your diesel rig to run on veggie oil.
2) While you're at it, learn to make your own biodiesel (just in case you run out of the veggie stuff).
3) Before leaving the kitchen, whip up some easy homemade soap or yummy yogurt.
4) Up for more of a challenge? Grab this solar kit and getting started with life off the grid; if you prefer human power, make your own bicycle generator.
5) Get a head start on spring gardening with a hydroponic garden.
6) If it's raining or too cold or too hot to tacke any of these projects, pick up ReadyMade's How To book instead. There's always next weekend...

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