TreeHugger Picks: Dissin' Disposables


If the Umbrella Inside Out design competition (congratulations, Crayella!) has taught us anything, it's that nothing has to be disposable. There are lots of creative, functional solutions and alternatives to products that are designed to be thrown away. Here are some of examples of disposables getting dissed.

1) Whether you like gDiapers' flushability, Crianza Natural and The Nature Nappy's biodegradability, or cloth diapers' reusability, it's all good as long as it isn't disposable.
2) Packing reusable chopsticks is gaining momentum as a movement in Asia, and China has imposed a chopstick tax to keep disposables down.
3) Plastic bags are everywhere (and they make a mess), so IKEA in the UK is charging for them, and a town in Australia has completely banned them.
4) Using a straight razor cuts down on disposable blades; when it's time to sharpen, try the Razor Saver.
5) When it comes to coffee drinking, we sure like the ceramic version of "We Are Happy to Serve You" cup (designed by Graham Hill); when you're on the go, a reusable travel mug sure beats a new paper cup each day.

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