TreeHugger Picks: Dip Your Toe in the Car Pool


Though TreeHugger prefers bicycles and legs for transportation over automobiles, sometimes cars are the only way to go. When the time for four-wheeled, petroleum-powered transportation comes, we definitely recommend that you find a friend who's going the same way. Whether you're heading across town or across the country, there is a way to use more seat belts and cut back on emissions: dip your toe into the car pool.

1) eRideShare is a free service for connecting commuters, or travelers going the same way in the US or Canada, even incorporating Craigslist's rideshare listings.
2) Ridester features a way to both offer and find rides; drivers get paid for gas and riders pay for the lift.
3) NuRide, touted as a frequent-flyer program for cars, takes a proactive approach to cutting down on traffic, petroleum consumption and pollution by offering rewards for documenting your ride-sharing with them.
4) Casual Car Pool gives Bay Area commuters the option for a ride across the Bay Bridge, while avoiding the toll, and riding in the (theoretically faster) carpool lane without pre-registration or advance sign up.
5) If car pooling won't do the job, for whatever reason, a car sharing service is a great alternative to getting around without owning a car.

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