TreeHugger Picks: Diaper Dandies


Which is best: flushable, biodegradable, washable or nothing at all? We haven't been able to come to a clear consensus about diapers just yet, so we submit the best alternative to old-fashioned disposables and let the chips fall where they may. What is the world's most TreeHugger-friendly diaper? The world may never know...

1) gDiapers, the flushable, compostable diaper, just received Cradle to Cradle certification.
2) Crianza Natural offers biodegradable diapers made from corn.
3) The Nature Nappy claims that their diapers biodegrade in only six months.
4) One diaper alternative that seems to be gaining popularity is to just cut diapers out of the equation and go diaper-free.
5) In the end, after debating with ourselves until blue in the face, it may just come down to personal preference, the availability of a nearby compost heap, or the level of trust you maintain with your toilet.

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