TreeHugger Picks: Cork Does It All


TreeHugger likes cork, not just for its sustainable properties, but for its remarkable versatility. Check out all the applications in which cork can help us all be better TreeHuggers.

1) Walking. Simple Shoes are using cork, a great vibration absorber, in the soles of their shoes.
2) Flooring. It's fire-resistant, reduces heat loss, mold- and bug-repellent, and reduces sound and vibration, and is available in mosaic tiles for easy installation.
3) Sitting. In addition to stools, cork makes great loungers as well.
4) Creating. Cork fabric can be used to help make clothing, bags, wallets, purses and even upholstered furniture.
5) Wallcovering. Offering an alternative to plain white walls, cork is an excellent sound-proofer as well.

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