TreeHugger Picks: Clothing That Takes Action


TreeHugger has a pretty expansive clothing archive, filled with organic cotton, hemp, bamboo and other fabrics and apparel choices that are easier on the planet, but that isn't always enough for the activist-oriented TreeHugger. Here are some picks for clothing and accessories that do more than just hang off your shoulders.

1) A One Ton CO2 t-shirt will offset one ton of carbon emissions before you ever put it on.
2) This smart clothing mimics pine cones: it lets in air to cool the wearer when it is hot and shuts out air when it is cold.
3) Self-cleaning clothing, inspired by lotus leaves, trades the clothes washer for a damp cloth.
4) Solar-powered jackets like Scott Solar SeV Jacket and solar-powered denim jacket help you look good and use the sun's rays to your advantage.
5) Add a solar-powered accessory with Volaic's backpack or their newer bags, Solarstyle's messenger bag or the Power Purse for solar functionality out on the town.

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