TreeHugger Picks: Celebrate Energy Independence


It's a big holiday weekend in the US and Canada, with celebrations of independence and federation happening near and far. Here in TreeHugger nation, we like to celebrate Energy Independence Day as well. Here are some of our picks for celebrating without foreign oil, dirty power and (too many) carbon emissions.

1) Boycott Exxon and take a ride on a solar-powered electric bike instead.
2) For you diesel drivers, pick up some biodiesel, like Willie Nelson's brand, that's made domestically.
3) Change a light bulb or two from incandescent to compact fluourescent. It really does make a difference.
4) Read up on going off the grid and then take the first baby step.
5) Buy some locally-grown, organic food. It tastes better, is better for you, the producer and the planet.

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