TreeHugger Picks: Cardboard Recycled Furniture & More


Much like our old friend bamboo, it seems that cardboard can be used as a replacement for many conventional materials, without chopping down trees or otherwise using virgin materials, and usually incorporates a good deal of recycled material. It makes great furniture, can be used for lighting and makes beautiful and interesting art. Here are some of our picks for cardboard.

1) The Cardboard Chair Co. makes some beautiful multi-layered creations.
2) For a slightly more conceptual seat, check out Julian Lwin's biotube bench.
3) The cardboard lamps by G|O|E Design help create light and use up the firm's waste packaging.
4) Mothercare's rocking eco-crib is lightweight, easily portable, recyclable and inexpensive.
5) Artist Chris Gilmore likes James Bond (and cardboard) so much that he built a model of Bond's Aston Martin DB8 out of cardboard and other common recycled items, and named it "Pussy Galore." Meow.

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