TreeHugger Picks: Carbon-Neutral Everything


As 2006's New Oxford American Dictionary’s Word of the Year, "carbon neutral" has been on the tip of many tongues this year, leading to many different and exciting things that won't contribute to our warming globe. Here are some of our picks of things that have gone carbon-free.

1) Books, from everything that comes from Ecotone Publishing to Worldchanging's new book, are zeroing their carbon emissions.
2) Sporting events, from last year's Olympics to both kinds of football (that's original and American) are setting new, carbon-related records.
3) Airplane flights, one of the biggest contributors to climate change, can now be made carbon-free.
4) Movies, from An Inconvenient Truth to Syriana and the independent film Sweet Land are entertaining us without emitting any net carbon.
5) Flower delivery from Organic Bouquet says "I love you" and "I love the planet."

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