TreeHugger Picks: Car Sharing Services


The high price of gas has been a hot topic of late, and we suspect it will continue to heat up with summer temperatures and busy summer travel. We've mentioned some easy ways to bump up your mileage, chatted about some ways to reduce our collective dependence on cars, and found some ways to drive greener every day. One of our favorite ways to drive is without owning a car. That's right, car-sharing services are booming across the world; here are our picks for driving for people who don't own cars.

1) Flexcar has more than 35,000 members in seven metropolitan areas -- Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Chicago and Washington, D.C. -- covering 37 total cities.
2) Zipcar's fleet reaches from San Francisco to Boston, with Minneapolis, Toronto, Chapel Hill, NC, Washington, DC and NYC in between.
3) GoGet has over twenty car-share locations throughout Australia.
4) Streetcar has London covered, from Bayswater to Wapping and Archway to Wimbledon.
5) Club Sportiva can put you behind the wheel of a Porshe, Maserati, Bentley or Lotus in San Francisco or Munich without breaking the bank.

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