TreeHugger Picks: Car Prototypes for the Future


With the New Year just a few days old, TreeHugger is taking the opportunity to gaze into our crystal balls at what 2007 could bring in the green world. Prototypes are often the manifestation of these future-looking ideas; while many never see the light of a production line, the forward-thinking experiments, designs and research can help us visualize the future. Here's a look at some automobiles that we'd like to see drive off the computer models and on to our roads soon.

1) General Motors plug-in hybrid prototype will be unveiled at the International Auto Show in Detroit later this year.
2) The General will also put 100 fuel cell prototypes on the road this year to test out their real-world worthiness.
3) The Nexo Project is Argentina's sustainable car system to build vehicles for different uses from a common platform based on a number of similar pieces, which makes it easy to produce and adapt, according to the user's needs.
4) Recy, the recyclable roadster is the first entry into the LA Auto Show's Design Challenge, courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design of North America.
5) Audi's R-Zero is an electric muscle car that came from the minds of three students at France’s International School of Design, and is pure EV eye-candy.

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