TreeHugger Picks: Buy Local Day


As we noted yesterday, tomorrow is Buy Local Day; though none of us need an excuse to support our local farms, businesses and economy, it's a nice way to galvanize support for the "buy local" movement. Here are some ideas for how to spend your buy local day.

1) Get some local food for its wide range of benefits, from environmental to health & taste to economics.
2) Local Harvest is a great resource if you aren't sure where to find local food & farms to buy it from near you.
3) Grab some organic, fair trade coffee from a local coffee shop, not the ubiquitous mega-chain.
4) Stop by a local specialty bookstore, like Toronto's Fertile Ground.
5) Finish off the day at a local restaurant like London's Canteen, Blue Hill at Stone Barns or Nora in Washington, D.C.

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