TreeHugger Picks: Biomimicry in Product Design


When it comes to concepts central to the notion of TreeHugging, few are higher on the list than biomimicry. We have a lot to learn from the way things are designed in nature, and both the general principle and more specific examples can be applied to everyday products to help them more effective, last longer, and be more efficient (see our recent look at sea sponges used for solar power for a great example). Here are a few of our picks for biomimicry in product design.

1) Biomimi-wha? If you're new to the subject, read a quick 'n easy definition of the concept in lay terms.
2) Sto Lotusan paint uses "the Lotus Effect" that mimics water beading off a lotus leaf to essentially be self-cleaning.
3) Read our interview with Seventh Generation's Gregor Barnum to learn about how the company integrates biomimicry in their products.
4) Check out "Better By Design: An Innovation Guide" for a bevy of everyday products that use of design-for-environment and biomimicry principles.
5) Want more? This biomimic database has lots more examples of biomimetics used to solve engineering problems, even if its design leaves a little something to be desired.

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