TreeHugger Picks: Biofuels of the Future


There are a lot of varieties of up and coming biofuels, which is good, since they can power just about anything from a jet engine to a stove. Here are our picks for some of the ways to get the biofuel industry beyond soybeans and corn.

1) Algae has shown enough promise as an ethanol producer to be featured twice.
2) Grass pellets have a much more sustainable 70 day cycle compared to the 70 million years it takes fossil fuels.
3) Beef: It's what's in the biofuel when waste animal fat is converted into fuel.
4) Coconut oil makes a surprisingly good replacement for diesel, especially in regions where the fossil version is hard to come by.
5) Switch grass has all the right ingredients to be a go-to source for biofuel: high yield per acre, low production cost and low pesticide use.

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