TreeHugger Picks: Biodegradable from Beach to Green

An items' "biodegradability" goes a long way to making it more TreeHugger-friendly, and while we've seen lots of things like bioplastics and disposable cutlery that really make sense to be easily (and harmlessly) degradable, we've seen some kinda wacky, less intuitive, but still (mostly) practical examples, too.


1) The biodegradable bikini is made from a new line of 100% biodegradable biopolymers that are food grade certified...hmm. Created using patented thermoforming and thermowelding techniques, in lieu of old fashioned sewing, the swimsuit is said to dry the instant you step from the water.


2) Biodegradable packing tape might be helpful in case your suit springs a leak, but it's also good for matching up with other biodegradable packing materials, so when your moving or storage chores are through -- or the materials have been used one too many times -- it can go in the compost pile rather than the trash.


3) This biodegradable scarf might be handy when the swimsuit is out of season; like Looolo's other cushions, floor pillows and blankets, when the scarf's wearing days are done, it doesn't have to go in the trash or the rag bin. Hit the jump for the two remaining picks...
The remaining two picks are after the jump...


4) Golf tees are an odd, but popular, biodegradable product choice; we've featured not one but two versions of a product that'll green your game before you get to the green.

5) Lastly, the Reflections series of biodegradable scattering urns are one option to make one final green gesture; when thrown into water, they float for a few minutes, before descending and eventually biodegrading without mucking up the surrounding habitat.

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