TreeHugger Picks: Best of the Bioplastics


TreeHugger just wants to say one word to you -- just one word. Are you listening? Bioplastics. There's a great future in bioplastics. Check out the best bioplastic musings from our past:

1) We've covered cutlery numerous times, from this Q&A; to this compostable version to the sexy Moscardino spork.
2) Bioplastics aren't just for knives and spoons, though. Toyota also uses 'em in their cars.
3) The simple but useful biodegradable packaging tape, particularly effective for use when the rest of the packaging material is also biodegradable.
4) Sony's Walkman and HP's printer both make use of the plastic without the petrol.
5) Finally, do your doodie and use these Biobags to help clean things up when Fido leaves you a present.

Think about it. Will you think about it? Enough said. That's a deal.