TreeHugger Picks: Best of Brazil and Argentina


TreeHugging takes place all over the world, every day, and each different locale has it's unique and fabulous take on living the modern, green lifestyle that we write about each day. Today, we train the spotlight on South America, highlighting some of our favorites from Brazil and Argentina.

1) Curitiba, Brazil, thanks to the visionary urban planning and leadership of Jaime Lerner, is one of the most TreeHugger cities in the world.
2) Guayaki Yerba Mate tastes great and combines the best of South American tradition with a progressive, responsible business model that insures the rest of the world will enjoy it for generations to come.
3) The extensive use and production of biofuels (especially ethanol) and Compressed Natural Gas make Brazil and Argentina two of the best in the world in fostering sustainable transportation.
4) With tourism having taken off, northern Argentina's solar towns are increasingly popular destinations for eco-travel.
5) An Argentinian town has even gone off the energy grid, providing clean power to everyone lucky enough to live there.

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