TreeHugger Picks: Behold - The Power of Poo


While not quite as glamorous as some other forms of alternative energy, we still think biogas courtesy of our four-legged friends is an important part of a clean-energy future. Check out some biogas posts from our past, and behold the power of poo.

1) Vermont cows are helping produce energy for a local power grid.
2) A prison in Rwanda is being partially powered by human poo.
3) An Energy Australia plant produces enough pig poo power for 1,500 homes.
4) A farm in Minnesota is feeding the future economy by converting methane to hydrogen for use in fuel cells.
5) Deep in the heart of Texas, an ethanol plant is being built that will run almost exclusively on cow poo; a similar operation will soon be set up in Nebraska.
6) Over in Sweden, plans for the world's first train powered by organic waste biogas are underway.