TreeHugger Picks: Baseball Getting Greener

America's favorite pastime has entered its second season after making some big green strides during the past year. Here are some of the ways that going green on the diamond is becoming more synonymous with apple pie.


1) The Cincinatti Reds started the season off on a green foot, making their season opener against the Chicago Cubs carbon neutral. They picked up 96 tons worth of carbon offsets that will help fund wind and solar power including the financing of an 11 MW wind farm in India.


2) This season's All-Star game earned some green cred by giving All-Star MVP Ichiro Suzuki of the Seattle Mariners the keys to a 2008 hybrid Chevy Tahoe for his performance, rather than the appropriately huge sounding Chevy Avalanche given to last year's MVP.


3) The San Francisco Giants and Colorado Rockies both put up pretty good-sized solar arrays, which makes a lot of sense: you play baseball in the summer, when the sun shines a lot, right? Could that be the reason the Rockies made the playoffs? Can't hurt. Two more picks, after the jump...


4) The Lake Elsinore Storm is taking "greening baseball" by storm (ha!) by adding a "Going Green" night to its list of promotional events; this included a green vendor fair, healthy food and hemp uniforms worn by the team. The mascot offered video tips on how kids in the crowd can get involved, and tips for adults and kids alike were offered throughout the night.

5) It's not all sunshine and solar panels in baseball, unfortunately. In Toronto, Ted Rogers, owner of the Toronto Blue Jays, decided to go nuclear; a study looking for nuclear waste storage sites suggested that the sedimentary soil beneath Toronto and surrounds was very stable and suitable for long term storage. We understand that Ted has also made a deal to store the waste from the plant under the pitchers mound.

TreeHugger Picks: Baseball Getting Greener
1) The Cincinatti Reds started the

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