TreeHugger Picks: Afternoon Movie Matinee with Free Range Studios

The folks at Free Range Studios have been entertaining and educating (entercating? edutaining? hmm...) for years with their clever flash-animation and live action vids about the intricacies of agro-politics and industrial agriculture. Check out Foodfight!, their latest about the Farm Bill, and check out some of our other favorites from the past few years.


1) The Meatrix and its sequel taught us about the evils of factory farming through the eyes of Moopheus the cow, Leo the pig and the team of family-farm boosting animals. Factory farming is hard to stomach on film; a bit of flash animation makes it go down a whole lot easier.


2) Who killed the polar bear? It is up to Sophie Minnow and Robert Penguin to solve in The Daveristy Code. It turns out that the decline of biodiversity is killing us all. Climate change, overdevelopment, human beings are conspiring to destroy the priory and web of life. It's not always easy to contextualize the connection between biodiversity and our daily lives; this flick provides a good first step.


3) Not so long ago in a supermarket not far away was Store Wars, the tale of Cuke Skywalker, Obi Wan Cannoli, Princess Lettuce and Chewbroccoli battling against Darth Tater and the Dark Side of the Farm. Don't worry, no vegetables were harmed in the production of this film. The Declaration of Indigestion and a backwards hamburger, after the jump...


4) According to the Declaration of Indigestion, The Mouth Revolution has nothing to lose but chemical addititives, transfats, GMO's or anything artificial. Don't let the man get you down -- mouths of the world, unite and eat organic! Viva la revolucion!

5) Lastly, Backwards Hamburger rolls the tape the other way, following a burger from between the bun in the window all the way back to the cow. It's a clever, convincing, sometimes grisly tale not for the faint of heart, but you'll look at your burgers differently after watching this one.