TreeHugger Picks: A Spot of Tea


TreeHuggers like to drink, be it booze, coffee or otherwise; sometimes tea is just what the doctor ordered. Here are our picks for the indulging in its leafy goodness.

1) Tea Forté's Silken-Tea-Infusers revamp boring tea bags and replaces them with herbal infusion pyramids of whole-leaf flowers, fresh harvested rough cut herbs, and all natural essential oils.
2) Sometimes it's best to eschew bags for tea infusers (hey, they're a product service system) like the suave Teastick.
3) Green Green Tea won the Best New Organic Product for 2006 and is a carbon-neutral product to boot.
4) The Groovy Mind has some groovy fair trade organic teas we like.
5) Jones Organic Teas are a cool alternative when the weather warms up.

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