TreeHugger on Martha Stewart's "Going Green Week" [Reminder]

TreeHugger has been invited by Martha Stewart to be part of The Martha Stewart Show's Going Green Week. Simran Sethi, who you know from TreeHuggerTV, will appear LIVE on the October 4th show (mark your calendars!) at 10 AM New York City time. That day's theme is "Green Product Day" and we're looking for suggestions from you: What would you like us to bring to the show? What do you want the world to see? It can be suggestions of products and tips, but also ideas of great green clothes for Simran. Please leave your suggestions in the comments. Update: A bit too late for suggestions now, the show's tomorrow! But thanks to everybody who wrote, and make sure to tune in to see our segment: Go Simran, go! To find out the time and channel in your area, go to the website and enter your zip code. We're followed by Mr. T., so that should be interesting. Please Digg it!