TreeHugger "Old Faithful" Winner: Anthony Pagani

Congratulations to the winning entry for our "Old Faithful" contest: Anthony Pagani's very cool office chair made from an old Audi's driver seat. We loved the fact that Tony was able to not only keep parts from his car from going to the junkyard, he created something innovative and useful out of it. Even Josh Dorfman, the founder of contest sponsor Vivavi, was impressed, "The chair itself is quite handsome, and let’s face it, if leather we’re environmentally sound, a good many of us would be recycling our Aeron chairs in a heartbeat. If Anthony can get his hands on an Audi TT dining set we’ll be in business."

According to Tony, it only took him about about three hours of hack saw and welding work to complete the transformation of his car seat into an office chair. In less than a day's work he was able to keep "another new chair from being formed and using our valuable raw materials." In true TreeHugger spirit, Tony takes pride in trying to change what he sees as a culture of replacement . "If I find a quality item that's been designed well and truly makes my life easier I will hold on to it and take care of it rather then simply replacing it, which is way to easy to do and accepted in our culture."

Thanks to all of you who sent entries, everyone who voted, and especially contest sponsor Vivavi. Please show some love to our sponsor and check out Vivavi's newly-designed site.